Centre for Nephrology

Deals with adult internal medicine and pediatric medicine concerning various conditions of the kidney

Nephrology is a branch of medical science that concerns the study of the various conditions of the kidneys. It also deals with systemic conditions that affect the kidneys, along with the systemic diseases that occur as a result of kidney disease.

Diseases related to kidneys are increasing day by day. Therefore, it creates a great concern for us to thoroughly study the pathophysiology of the kidney in order to find out the solutions to the problem.

Here, at exRNA Therapeutics Limited, we are focused on solving this problem by applying the concept of an exosomal drug delivery system. This exosomal drug delivery system is not a new technique, many reputed journals have mentioned the promising results achieved by applying drug delivery through exosomes in case of different diseases.

After several studies, it has been found that many cytokines and chemokines are playing a crucial role in developing kidney-related diseases, especially chronic kidney disease. Alteration of the normal level of cytokines and chemokines like IL-1, IL-6, IL-15, IL-17, IL-18, IL-19, IL-20, IFN-GAMMA, CCR-7, CCL2, MIP-1α, CXCL 5, CXCL 7, CXCL 12, and so on results in various kidney infections and autoimmune diseases. Also, there are certain genes involved in the development of chronic kidney diseases like diabetes, hypertension, albuminuria, and so on.

The drug therapy that we are working upon is mainly exosomes containing RNAi molecules which are responsible for downregulating the genes behind the development of related diseases. We strongly believe that with our hard work, we will soon be able to come up with a highly reliable solution concerning serious kidney-related conditions.

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