Centre for Cardiology

Deals with the disorders of the heart as well as some parts of the circulatory system

The term cardiology is derived from the Greek words “cardia,” which refers to the heart and “logy” meaning “study of.” Cardiology is the branch of medicine dealing with the disorders of the heart as well as some parts of the circulatory system such as blood vessels. Heart disease relates specifically to the heart, while cardiovascular disease affects the heart, the blood vessels, or both. The prevalence of heart diseases came to notice in about the 20th century and today, it is the leading cause of deaths worldwide i.e. 31% of the total population.

The heart is composed of involuntary muscle tissue found only within this organ also known as cardiac muscle. Most cardiac diseases are caused due to change in lifestyle. Various coronary heart diseases tend to develop when cholesterol builds up on the artery walls and create plaques. By 1948, one in three deaths in the United States were due to coronary heart disease. Recently scientists have also identified genetic risk factors for heart diseases and concluded that there is an interplay between environment and genetic risk factors.

The team of exRNA Therapeutics Limited is trying to develop cardiovascular medicine that can cure various cardiovascular diseases. For this we are trying to study the relationship between tRNA and tRf associated with plaque derived factor which gets accumulated and restricts the blood flow along the artery and vein and their proficiency get reduced. We are also focusing on the genetic factors responsible for developing various cardiovascular diseases.

As our drug i.e. ribozyme is able to downregulate various interleukins, cytokines, and chemokines and can also downregulate the mechanism of various genes responsible for the disease.

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